GLyC - Logic, Language and Computability Research Group


  • Counter systems and temporal logics. By Stèphane Demri (LSV, Cachan). October 25-29 and November 1-5, 2010. [Read more]
  • Hybrid Logic Tango. By Carlos Areces and Patrick Blackburn (LORIA). Febrary 11-15, 2008. [Read more] (in Spanish)
  • Course on logic and Computability. By Santiago Figueira, Daniel Gorín, Sergio Mera and others (UBA). Febrary-March, 2007/2008. [Handouts]
  • Course on Semantics in Natural Language Processing. By Dr. Claire Gardent (LORIA). October 30th to November 3rd.
  • Course on Computational Modal Logic. By Carlos Areces (LORIA), Daniel Gorín and Sergio Mera (UBA). August-November 2006. [Download]