GLyC - Logic, Language and Computability Research Group

Available Topics for Master Theses

  • Theoretical topics [read more]
    1. Modalities ⟨φ⟩ with φ a first order formula
    2. Binders weaker than ↓
    3. Binders over weak logics
    4. A Herbrand theorem for hybrid logics
    5. Lindstrom Lemma for PDL
    6. Bisimulations for Description Logics
  • Practical topics [read more]
    1. Dynamic clause selection in HyLoRes
    2. An efficient way to compute the order relationship between HyLoRes formulas
    3. HyLoRes paralelization
    4. Adding state to HyLoRes
    5. Using Description Logics in edos-project
  • Mixed topics [read more]
    1. A system for model maintenance
    2. Horn clauses for H(@)
    3. A short demonstration extractor from HyLoRes demonstrations
    4. A random generator for hybrid formulas
    5. Using HyLoRes for consistence verification in a temporal discourse
  • Some draft topics.
    1. Computing bisimulations/fast bisimulations
    2. More about layered translation
    3. Description logics and concrete domains
    4. Modal logic, games and neighborhood semantics