WoLLIC 2012


If you have questions please contact the co-chairs of the organizing committee.


Conference Place

The conference will be held at the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of the University of Buenos Aires. The address is Av. Córdoba 2122 (see red pin in the map in the Venue section). It is located in the city center, right in front of Facultad de Medicina metro station (see a map of the metro).

From Córdoba Avenue, enter the main entrance (of the old building) and climb the stairs (once you enter the building they will be in front of you; they are huge and made of marble). The stairs make you turn 180 degrees. In the first floor, you turn right until the end of the corridor and then turn right again. WoLLIC is at a room called "SUM", at the end of the second corridor. Follow the red arrow in this map. Here is a picture of the old and the new buildings.

The conference place is located in the limit of Balvanera and Recoleta neighborhoods. It is accessible from line D of the metro.

Get around

The public transport in Buenos Aires is very good, although crowded during rush hour. The metro (or underground railway) here is called the "Subte", which is short for Subterraneo (undergrround). The network itself is not very large, but reaches most tourist attractions of the city, and there is a large range of bus routes and several suburban railways used by commuters.

Finding your way around is relatively easy. Most of the city grid is divided into equal squares with block numbers in the hundreds, using a grid system similar to Manhattan, New York. Most streets are one way with the adjacent parallels going the other way, so beware that the bus or taxi won't follow the same route back. If traveling by taxi, you simply need to tell the driver the street and block number, eg. "Santa Fe 2100"; or two intersecting streets, eg. "Corrientes y Callao".

The easiest way of moving around the city is by metro or buses. The metro journey costs 2.50 pesos. You can buy a card of 1, 2, 5, 10 or 30 journeys to use whenever you want. The bus costs 2 pesos. You get the ticket inside the bus and you need coins or a SUBE card (a SUBE Card is a prepaid proximity card which you can get if you are planning to say in Buenos Aires for a while; if not we do not recommend it because it is not straightforward to get it).

Here is a good description on how to get around in Buenos Aires.

The best electronic resources to find bus routes is this site. Unfortunately it is in Spanish. Click on ¿Cómo llego? (How do I get to?), select Transporte Público (Public Transport), write the origin in Desde (for instance Cordoba Av. y Junin, or Cordoba Av. 2122) and the destination in Hasta (for instance Rivadavia Av. y San Martin, or San Martin 1). At the left of the screen you will find many options of public transport (bus, subway, train and connections).


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